DANCING TULIPS group exhibition invitation

Dancing tulips group exhibition invitation Irina Taneva Iri IR and her students in Cass Art Kingston upon Thames on 19th November, Saturday, 4pm - 6pm

“Dancing tulips” group exhibition invitation by Iri IR and her students. Cass Art Space in Kingston upon Thames is the venue for this colourful event.

Irina’s latest series of paintings are named “Dancing Tulips” and feature flowers in imaginary spaces. She started working on these series during lockdown when she realised how much she misses nature and being surrounded by its beauty. The artist has no interest of painting realistic flowers. Instead she uses their shapes as a basis for creating an emotional connection between nature and the inner self. Explosion of colours is what we see in her art works. Explosion of emotions is what we feel instantly looking at each painting that tells a different story.

“The easiest flowers to look after are painted ones.” Iri IR

She influenced many people to follow in her footsteps and continues to do this through her other passion of teaching others. Welcome to this group exhibition where Irina reveals herself as a creator of original paintings and as an art teacher through the works of her students, who will exhibit their art works alongside hers.

Please follow this link to Eventbrite website where you can book free tickets for the exhibition.


See you there!

Bulgarian National Television – The Day Begins With Culture

Bulgarian National Television broadcasted a detailed report about Irina Taneva Iri IR’ fine art exhibition and fashion show named “Aquarius”, held at “Sofia” gallery in London.

The day begins with culture is a popular broadcast on BNT, which covers the most exiting events in the culture scene in Bulgaria.

Irina Taneva Iri IR showcased her AW17 capsule collection, the Aquarius project, presented by Bulgarian Culture Institute in London, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The project includes a Fine art exhibition opening and a Fashion Presentation of her Autumn/Winter 2017 capsule collection of women’s clothing.

The evening was filled with admiration for the clothes, appreciation of the art and the pleasant hum of guests sipping several glasses of red wine.

The art pieces on offer were oil canvases and the muses for the mini masterpieces were the sensual, delicate and emotional posture of a female nude. The art and fashion blended harmoniously into one, as the catwalk’s backdrop were the Bulgarian designer’s new delightful art-pieces.

“Dancing tulips” – group exhibition by Iri IR and her students

Dancing tulips group exhibition by artist Iri IR and her students in Cass Art Space Kingston upon Thames poster

“Dancing tulips” – group exhibition by the artist Iri IR and her students is open until 30th November 2022 in Cass Art Space, Kingston upon Thames. This is your last chance to see over 100 drawings and paintings in different themes and mediums of the artist itself and some of her students, exhibiting the best of their art works from the latest months.

“Dancing tulips” – group exhibition includes works from talented artists that range in age from 4 to 64 years. When you take a tour through the art space, you will find paintings of nature and natural phenomena, animals, children, favourite cartoon characters, and vehicles; on themes like favourite games and friendship.

Irina has had many exhibitions in different countries so far, but for the first time she is showing her works alongside her students. Whether creating colourful paintings, tutoring people in art and fashion, Irina attracts an international audience.

For further information, please see the artist’s art collection here. If you are interested in owning original piece of art from the “Dancing tulips” collection, please get in touch at art@irinataneva.com. Follow the artist on Instagram: artfashion_irinataneva and Facebook: Iri IR to see videos of her creating process.

How To Frame A Painting

How to frame a painting or a drawing with ordinary frame at home. Step-by-step quide plus some tips on how to fit artwork that doesn’t fit. Please click on the photo below to watch the video.

how to frame a painting
Portrait Workshops

Portrait Workshops

Portrait Workshops – how children of different ages approach portrait painting

I started running Portrait Workshops recently after asking my students what they find most difficult to paint. Their collective answer was “portraits” and that didn’t surprise me. “Every year at school we are asked to paint a self-portrait and I hate it! I don’t know where to start from and it never looks like me.” – said one of them.

I want to teach my students mixing colours, techniques with different materials, perspective, proportions, shading, but also how to be artists and gain confidence in their own artistry that they can draw and paint everything! So why not helping them with what they find most difficult.

The portrait workshop is focused on how to start sketching; learning face proportions, face features and mixing skin colours. Students have fun painting favourite or imaginative characters while developing artistic and technical skills with experienced Master’s level qualified tutor in my face. The workshop is longer than our weekly art lessons to give us more time to focus on the portrait and to create beautifully finished artwork by the end of it, ready to be framed and hanged on a wall.

I want to point out how different each artwork is from the others. The instructions I give to my students are the same, but the artworks are different. The most important thing for me is to teach my students to be brave and express themselves through colors and shapes, by using the pencils and brushes to create different marks. I don’t teach my students to copy the samples, me or my work, my style or my creative vision. I teach them something much more important: How to see the world with their own eyes. How to develop their own creative vision. How to be real artists! This is my mission because this is what brings me inner satisfaction in my work as a teacher.

If you or your child want to learn to draw or paint a portrait, practice proportions and different facial features, mixing skin colors, join my workshop. We create a different portrait each time. Portraiture is perhaps the most difficult and there is always something new to learn.

OSO Arts Centre, London – ART Fair

OSO Arts Centre, London – ART Fair

OSO Arts centre in Barnes, London organise Easter ART fair in their gallery. I would love if you could come and visit me at the ART Fair. I will be exhibiting some of my “Dancing tulips” series of original paintings and limited edition prints.

The entry is free and I will be in the gallery on 16th and 17th April the whole day. I am very exhited for the opportunity to exhibit my art works in London againand I hope to see you there.

If you would like to attend the Private Viewing at OSO Arts centre on 14th April, Thursday, at 7pm, please RSVP me the number of attendees by 11th April, Monday.

oso arts centre barnes london gallery

The joy of achieving

joy of achieving dancing red pink tupils original art Irina Taneva oil canvas spring mood

The joy of achieving is a great feeling that I will tell you about now, but first let me ask you this: When you dance, are you dancing for pleasure or you are dancing to entertain others? When and why do you dance? I dance when I’m happy and in a mood for fun and partying. However, sometimes it happens to me to dance without music. When, could you ask…

When I realize that I have achieved something in my work, in my relationship or in my personal growth. In such moments I feel the rhythm of my heart and my soul rejoices. And in such moments I don’t even need music, I whistle, sing and dance. Have you had such moments?

Here in this painting “Dancing tulips” I illustrate exactly this feeling and when I look at it, I think about the joy of achieving!

This painting is original, one of a kind, created with great quality professional art materials. If you feel the dance of joy in it and want to own it, drop me a message now.

Have a day full of achievements!

dancing tulips happy mood pink grey art original paintings wall decor interior trends 2021 irina taneva

My 3 pink reasons Why?

My 3 pink reasons Why?

I’m going to tell you where my inspiration about this painting my “3 pink reasons why” came from. I visited friends of mine, lovely young family with little girls. That was my first visit at their new home in Kingston and I was pleased to see the transformation they did refurbishing this old house they bought a year ago. We talked a lot about the refurb – materials, stores, builders, changes and colour schemes.

Dominant colour in their interior is white – walls, carpets, blinders, sofas and chairs, kitchen, bathrooms. But here and there I saw light shades of grey and beige, and a hint of pink. I know why they choose the white colour – it brings light, it feels spacious, clean and pure. It is the colour of a new beginning! And I know why they have pink colour as well – because pink is sweet and girly, and traditionally the colour of love. And I decided to capture the feeling of their home on my “3 pink reasons why” canvas. This is my first reason to choose this colours for my art work.

“3 pink reasons why” and “Stormy pink”, 8″ x 10″

Secondly it resonates with my vision of home as well – light and spacious, enlighten in love and happiness. Pink has many shades and as colourful romance can bring different scale of emotions and experiences so pink is representing all the best ones. In a hope of all to be sweet, girls tend to prefer this colour among others. But do girls only like it? I think pink is for everyone!  

My 3rd why is my wish to represent the freedom in the family. “3 pink reasons why“ picture 3 tulips that are not in a bouquet, not in a garden, but still together. They are freely and mysteriously growing in the air and I hope that you can feel their confidence and independence, and at the same time the support they provide to each other. I wish every child in the world experience this type of a family. 

“3 pink reasons Why”, original oil on canvas painting, size 8″ x 10″

The Press Room

Dancing tulips 1, 2 and 3 – original oil on canvas, 8″x10″ each

It is time to share with you the BIG news around me! In this uncertain times and new Lockdown knocking on our doors this Thursday, I have decided to share with you what I have started working on during the Lockdown in April 2020. Here it is:

First, during the lockdown in April in which I followed the government rules super strict, I realized how much I miss nature and being surrounded by its beauty. It was spring and the nature was blooming! And my flat was just 3 min away from one of the most beautiful parks in London but I didn’t go there, I was following the guidance.

Second, I was missing nature so much that I started painting flowers without even thinking of using my knives to paint flowers. It happened so naturally on two canvases than I decided to keep going, keep working on this theme.

Flamy tulips – original oil on canvas, 8″x10″

“The easiest flowers to look after

are painted ones.” Iri IR

Chosen by another – 16″x20″
3 pink reasons why – 8″x10″
Stormy pink – 8″x10″

Yes, I said knives! Yes, I didn’t use brushes as most artist do, I paint with knives, kitchen knives…I’m joking. J I apply oil paints with special knives for artists that look similar to kitchen knives but are more flexible. I stopped buying and using brushes long time ago since I discovered the existence of artists knives.  

My compositions and color choice have deeper meaning than just painting flowers as objects. The bouquet of blue and blush tulips tells a story of “Chosen by Another” that often happens in real life. “Perfect Couple” illustrates the meaning of being in a beautiful relationship. “Hidden Lake” hides all of my deepest thoughts and desires but my Instagram profile reveals them all. Follow me here: IG: @artfashion_irinataneva and on my web page https://irinataneva.com/tulips/

And here is the BIG news:

I am exhibiting some of my original oil on canvas paintings, created with knives, in The Press Room cafe shop in London this November.

You have a chance to see them in live as they are way more impressive and beautiful in person (in painting :)). As the galleries are closing and the coffee shops are welcoming you with a delicious warm drinks this fall, don’t miss this opportunity to visit my inspiring exhibition and enjoy your fav coffee.

The Press Room
5 Claremont Road
Surbiton, London

Sunday 1st November, 8 am – 4 pm

All paintings in the coffee shop and on my special web page are available to purchase in The Press Room and through directly contacting me on my email art@irinataneva.com. First come, first served! Enjoy!

Perfect couple – 8″x10″
Hidden lake – 9″ x 11.7″

Chosen by Another

“Chosen by another” is oil on canvas painting in size 16″ x 20″. To me it is one of the very special painting I have created. I represents something that often happens in life – someone else to choose for us and put us in a challenging situation. What did actually happen…

When I was setting up my workspace and materials one day, my little 3 years old noticed my paint tubes for a first time. He dot super excited and grabbed a few tubes of paint. He enthusiastically began squeezing them onto my palette. By the time I could stop him, he had squeezed a huge amount of paint already. Of course he didn’t choose the colors purposely as an artist will do. He just grabbed whatever he could in his little hands.

I didn’t want to waste it and decided to take it as a challenge. I wouldn’t choose to mix coral, blue, flesh tint, blue violet and cadmium red myself ever but I think the result is pretty good.

This bouquet of tulips could complete any interior in grey-blue color theme, why not in the latest violet interior color trend. “Chosen by another” painting looks fantastic on grey, blue, magnolia or white walls, which make the painting colors pop up and turn the work into a beautiful accent.


Hello, art lovers!

Here is the latest news about me! I exhibited my art works at Talented Art Fair in 2-4 March 2018 – an exciting experience I want to share with you.

The Talented Art Fair took place at London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery. It offered a new, friendly platform for discovering some of today’s most exciting talented British and international artists, all well-established in their artistic fields, including myself. J In a bid to make collecting and investing in art easier and more affordable, Oliver Norris and his team had carefully selected the exhibiting artists, including painters, sculptors, photographers and ceramicists. The price range of exhibited work varied between £50 and £250 for a limited edition’s print, and between £250 and £5,000 for an original art work.

“An Art Fair for all art lovers; a place where you can confidently buy artwork in the full knowledge that you are making a solid investment.”

Oliver Norris, Talented Art Fair Co-Founder & Organiser

I exhibited some of my latest art works as well as some of my previous collection’s paintings. I am excited to share that a number of my works went off to homes across the globe. I am happy and pleased when my art is loved and purchased. Thank you all lovely people who appreciate my art!

My recent original art works have affordable prices, which vary between £100 and £450. They are created in acrylics on canvas, all covered with a fine resin layer to boost and protect the colours. My inspiration comes from my last summer holiday in Bahamas – beautiful nature, hot weather and bright colours! I would not try to describe it poetically as I am not a poet but I hope that you can see it with my eyes through my paintings! For those who couldn’t make it for the Talented Art Fair because of the snowy weather that weekend, I am going to post them in my Art Gallery very soon!

The Talented Art Fair happened in association with Londonist – media about London and everything that happens in it, and Artfinder – online art marketplace. It was a pleasure to speak about art with Tabish Khan and Michael Barnett. Thank you, Jonas Almgren and Michal Szczesny, for all advices on how to run my gallery shop at Artfinder. And a big thank you to Oliver and the team at Talented Art Fair for welcoming me to the artist’s team!