Dancing tulips group exhibition by artist Iri IR and her students in Cass Art Space Kingston upon Thames poster

“Dancing tulips” – group exhibition by the artist Iri IR and her students is open until 30th November 2022 in Cass Art Space, Kingston upon Thames. This is your last chance to see over 100 drawings and paintings in different themes and mediums of the artist itself and some of her students, exhibiting the best of their art works from the latest months.

“Dancing tulips” – group exhibition includes works from talented artists that range in age from 4 to 64 years. When you take a tour through the art space, you will find paintings of nature and natural phenomena, animals, children, favourite cartoon characters, and vehicles; on themes like favourite games and friendship.

Irina has had many exhibitions in different countries so far, but for the first time she is showing her works alongside her students. Whether creating colourful paintings, tutoring people in art and fashion, Irina attracts an international audience.

For further information, please see the artist’s art collection here. If you are interested in owning original piece of art from the “Dancing tulips” collection, please get in touch at art@irinataneva.com. Follow the artist on Instagram: artfashion_irinataneva and Facebook: Iri IR to see videos of her creating process.