AQUARIUS     100 x 70


Sensual, delicate and emotional

BLINDED BY CHOICE     100 x 70


If you are blinded by choice sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees

PRETTY CAPABLE     70 x 50

SOLD – £470.00 (only prints available)

Being pretty doesn’t stop you from being capable


£460.00   framed

The further you walk through life, the more you stare up, the more you muddy the water


£460.00   framed

She is not looking forward to the past but to the future

BUSINESS CLASS     50 x 70

£460.00 SOLD (only prints available)

She can put business first and still be feminine

WALK ON A RAINY DAY     100 x 70


Rain can wash everything


SOLD – £350.00

Always going hand in hand

ZERO GRAVITY     100 x 70

£590.00  SOLD (only prints available)

Being carried along by the flow of life

CATWALK TULIPS     70 x 100


Clashing entities. Will we see sparkles

CAGE OF THOUGHTS     35 x 40

£280.00  framed

We create and destroy our own barriers

MIDNIGHT LOVE     70 x 100



ASPIRATIONS     45 x 35

£280.00   framed

Not always clear what we aspire to


£480.00   framed

Bury your head in the sky

NOWHERE TO HIDE     70 x 50

£350.00   framed

Sometimes you can blend in too well

Upcoming Show



exhibition artist irina taneva and students London Kingston Cass Art Space November 2023

Irina Taneva Iri IR and her students invite you to join us for an exciting and vibrant art extravaganza at the Colourful Voyage – Second Annual Art Exhibition! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and imagination as we showcase the incredible works of talented artists which age range from 4 to 74 years.

Over 100 drawings and paintings in different mediums and themes are on display and are waiting for their new home. Here you will find original paintings for your home and office, or colourful gifts for your family, friends, colleagues and business partners. Take a tour through the art space and see paintings of nature, animals, still life compositions, human faces and figures, on themes like favourite places, games and friendship.

Irina Taneva Iri IR is an internationally renowned artist, art teacher and art parties organiser, currently living and working from her studio in Kingston upon Thames. Irina, Master of Art, BA (hons) in Teaching art and BA (hons) in Fashion design, has studied in UAL, Central Saint Martins, London, and in the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. Her works are collectable and can be found worldwide in museums and private collections.

The artist’s favourite medium is oil on canvas because of the slow drying process that allows her to create layers of paint. This adds to her understanding and expression of the complexity of our feelings, emotions and reactions. Irina’s paintings are bold and textured as she paints more often with palette knives rather than brushes.

She influenced many people to follow in her footsteps and continues to do this through her other passion of teaching others. At the exhibition you will see some of the best artworks of her students from the last months.

Book your free tickets here.