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Irina Taneva Iri IR is an internationally renowned Fine Art painter and teacher, a designer and painting parties host. Born and educated in Bulgaria and now living and working in London. Her deep interest in people and their self-awareness reflect in her art through paintings and clothing designs. Sensual, delicate and emotional female nature is at the base of her art and designs.

The artist’s favorite technique is oil on canvas because of the slow drying process allowing for intricate layers of paint that mirror the complexity of our feelings, emotions and reactions.

Harmonious colours are the basis of her works. Irina’s paintings are bold, colourful and textured as she uses more often the palette knifes than brushes. Her works are collectable and can be found worldwide in private collections.

Irina creates a series of works at any one time, which she sometimes uses first as fashion sketches and then releases them into her clothing fashion designs. Comfort is the most important thing in her clothing no matter the occasion.

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In 2012 Irina opened her first Fashion Shop and the very first Art Gallery in her home city of Petrich, Bulgaria. She created a small limited collections. Irina was also dressing many famous people for different occasions. In her gallery visitors could enjoy her art in fine paintings as well as art from different local artists.

Iri IR influenced many people to follow in her footsteps and continues to do this through her other passion of teaching children and adults the mastery of art. Whether designing for her eponymous fashion line or private customers, creating colourful paintings, tutoring young people in art and fashion, Irina attracts an international audience to her vibrant world of creativity.


2016   Fashion Design and Marketing Course, UAL, London

2011   Master’s Degree in Fashion, National Academy of Art, Sofia

2007   Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Arts and Fashion, SWU “N. Rilsky”, Bulgaria

2006   Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy of Teaching Fine Arts, SWU “N. Rilsky”, Bulgaria

Solo Exhibitions

2022   “Dancing Tulips”, oil on canvas, Cass Art Space, London

2017   “Aquarius”, oil on canvas, “Sofia” Galley, BCI London

2012   “Abstractionism and realism”, oil on canvas, Gallery “iRi.F”

2008   “Colours”, oil on canvas, City Historical Museum, Petrich

Solo Fashion shows

2017   “Aquarius” AW17, BCI London

2013   “Rock Fashion”, Fashion ARTelier “iRi.F”

2012   “Fashion street show” with special appearance by rapper Honn Kong

2012   “Romance”, Fashion ARTelier “iRi.F”

Awards and Competitions

2010   Triumph Inspiration Award, Lingerie theme – “Shape Sensation”, model titled: “Natural disaster”
2010   International Fashion Forum Ruse, Special prize contest for young designers – knitwear collection “Winter sports”
2007   Euro Art – International Arts Festival, First prize, collection “Cubism”
2006   Euro Art – International Art Festival, First prize, collection made from unconventional materials
2004   Euro Art – International Art Festival, Catalog “Thessaloniki, Greece – Kovatchevitza, Bulgaria”

Triumph Award
Winter sports
Exhibitions and Fashion shows

2022   OSO Gallery, Barnes, London

2018   Talented Art Fair, London

2017   Parallax Art Fair, London

2011   “Steps from the east” – Performance in fashion drawings and fashion show “Woman – gentle warrior”, State Institute for Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia

2010   “Nostalgia in rust colour”, National Ethnographic Museum, Sofia

2010   Chairman of the jury “Tzvetniza”, Petrich, Art competition

2010   Exhibition, Makedonia Art Gallery, Blagoevgrad

2009   Multimedia, Academia Gallery, Sofia

Winter sports
Lecturing and Talks

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