Dancing tulips group exhibition invitation Irina Taneva Iri IR and her students in Cass Art Kingston upon Thames on 19th November, Saturday, 4pm - 6pm

“Dancing tulips” group exhibition invitation by Iri IR and her students. Cass Art Space in Kingston upon Thames is the venue for this colourful event.

Irina’s latest series of paintings are named “Dancing Tulips” and feature flowers in imaginary spaces. She started working on these series during lockdown when she realised how much she misses nature and being surrounded by its beauty. The artist has no interest of painting realistic flowers. Instead she uses their shapes as a basis for creating an emotional connection between nature and the inner self. Explosion of colours is what we see in her art works. Explosion of emotions is what we feel instantly looking at each painting that tells a different story.

“The easiest flowers to look after are painted ones.” Iri IR

She influenced many people to follow in her footsteps and continues to do this through her other passion of teaching others. Welcome to this group exhibition where Irina reveals herself as a creator of original paintings and as an art teacher through the works of her students, who will exhibit their art works alongside hers.

Please follow this link to Eventbrite website where you can book free tickets for the exhibition.


See you there!