joy of achieving dancing red pink tupils original art Irina Taneva oil canvas spring mood

The joy of achieving is a great feeling that I will tell you about now, but first let me ask you this: When you dance, are you dancing for pleasure or you are dancing to entertain others? When and why do you dance? I dance when I’m happy and in a mood for fun and partying. However, sometimes it happens to me to dance without music. When, could you ask…

When I realize that I have achieved something in my work, in my relationship or in my personal growth. In such moments I feel the rhythm of my heart and my soul rejoices. And in such moments I don’t even need music, I whistle, sing and dance. Have you had such moments?

Here in this painting “Dancing tulips” I illustrate exactly this feeling and when I look at it, I think about the joy of achieving!

This painting is original, one of a kind, created with great quality professional art materials. If you feel the dance of joy in it and want to own it, drop me a message now.

Have a day full of achievements!

dancing tulips happy mood pink grey art original paintings wall decor interior trends 2021 irina taneva