“Chosen by another” is oil on canvas painting in size 16″ x 20″. To me it is one of the very special painting I have created. I represents something that often happens in life – someone else to choose for us and put us in a challenging situation. What did actually happen…

When I was setting up my workspace and materials one day, my little 3 years old noticed my paint tubes for a first time. He dot super excited and grabbed a few tubes of paint. He enthusiastically began squeezing them onto my palette. By the time I could stop him, he had squeezed a huge amount of paint already. Of course he didn’t choose the colors purposely as an artist will do. He just grabbed whatever he could in his little hands.

I didn’t want to waste it and decided to take it as a challenge. I wouldn’t choose to mix coral, blue, flesh tint, blue violet and cadmium red myself ever but I think the result is pretty good.

This bouquet of tulips could complete any interior in grey-blue color theme, why not in the latest violet interior color trend. “Chosen by another” painting looks fantastic on grey, blue, magnolia or white walls, which make the painting colors pop up and turn the work into a beautiful accent.