Dancing tulips 1, 2 and 3 – original oil on canvas, 8″x10″ each

It is time to share with you the BIG news around me! In this uncertain times and new Lockdown knocking on our doors this Thursday, I have decided to share with you what I have started working on during the Lockdown in April 2020. Here it is:

First, during the lockdown in April in which I followed the government rules super strict, I realized how much I miss nature and being surrounded by its beauty. It was spring and the nature was blooming! And my flat was just 3 min away from one of the most beautiful parks in London but I didn’t go there, I was following the guidance.

Second, I was missing nature so much that I started painting flowers without even thinking of using my knives to paint flowers. It happened so naturally on two canvases than I decided to keep going, keep working on this theme.

Flamy tulips – original oil on canvas, 8″x10″

“The easiest flowers to look after

are painted ones.” Iri IR

Chosen by another – 16″x20″
3 pink reasons why – 8″x10″
Stormy pink – 8″x10″

Yes, I said knives! Yes, I didn’t use brushes as most artist do, I paint with knives, kitchen knives…I’m joking. J I apply oil paints with special knives for artists that look similar to kitchen knives but are more flexible. I stopped buying and using brushes long time ago since I discovered the existence of artists knives.  

My compositions and color choice have deeper meaning than just painting flowers as objects. The bouquet of blue and blush tulips tells a story of “Chosen by Another” that often happens in real life. “Perfect Couple” illustrates the meaning of being in a beautiful relationship. “Hidden Lake” hides all of my deepest thoughts and desires but my Instagram profile reveals them all. Follow me here: IG: @artfashion_irinataneva and on my web page https://irinataneva.com/tulips/

And here is the BIG news:

I am exhibiting some of my original oil on canvas paintings, created with knives, in The Press Room cafe shop in London this November.

You have a chance to see them in live as they are way more impressive and beautiful in person (in painting :)). As the galleries are closing and the coffee shops are welcoming you with a delicious warm drinks this fall, don’t miss this opportunity to visit my inspiring exhibition and enjoy your fav coffee.

The Press Room
5 Claremont Road
Surbiton, London

Sunday 1st November, 8 am – 4 pm

All paintings in the coffee shop and on my special web page are available to purchase in The Press Room and through directly contacting me on my email art@irinataneva.com. First come, first served! Enjoy!

Perfect couple – 8″x10″
Hidden lake – 9″ x 11.7″